about us

A Study is a group of experts working on the studying process. This project aims to facilitate the educational process by creating a new technological method. It took two years from us researching to create A Study. The students will find creative and easy ways to help them in studying. We are trying to support the students and facilitate the studying process as well as we try to improve their scientific comprehension.

Our service 
Our teamwork is a group of specialized and professional tutors who are experts in the educational field, they’ve been selected very carefully to transfer the educational message to our students. For so, we exerted a lot of effort to offer great social services that aim to improve the scientific level of the students among them: 

To give you high-quality services, we made a complete study of the educational process.

Individual live lectures: The student can manage the schedule and choose the time he/she wants with the tutor. Also, the student can get his/her own copy of all the documents, materials, and pictures of the notebooks that he studied with the tutor. 

Recorded lectures: The student can send the (unit, lecture, page) he/she wants to study, and in return, the tutor will send back the lesson (explained and analyzed).

Group lectures: The student will be joined to a group of other students who study the same major. This lecture will be scheduled before the time with his/her colleagues.

Recorded courses:  A group of scientific-educational lectures that is prepared and recorded by the tutors covering the syllabus.

Report and research: the students are allowed to send all that they need in doing their research or report including points, pictures, and all the materials that support their research or report to the specialized tutors to be revised and corrected by them.